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Zaragoza is the capital of the province of Zaragoza and the region of Aragon, located northeast of Spain.

Its famous university (University of Zaragoza, 1585, was approved by Carlos V and the Pope. In addition to a university center, Zaragoza (Português | Français ) is an important cultural center in Spain, with many museums (including the Goya Museum), libraries and theaters, such as the old Teatro Main.

Festivities of Pilar

Zaragoza holds the famous and traditional Festas do Pilar every October 12th (these parties coincide with the National date of Spain). The Holy Week in Zaragoza is also another important festival of international interest. In addition to other parties, São João is also celebrated in the capital of Aragon.

Industrial Center

Zaragoza is an important industrial center (automobile industry) in Spain, with an emphasis on the Opel group and the entire auto parts chain.

Main tourist attractions in Zaragoza

Among the main attractions of the city, stand out

Main cities in Spain

The top 10 cities in Spain are:
  1. Madrid, the capital
  2. Barcelona
  3. Valencia
  4. Sevilla
  5. Saragoza
  6. Málaga
  7. Múrcia
  8. Palma de Maiorca
  9. Las Palmas
  10. Bilbao

Madrid, Spain Barcelona, Catalunha Valencia, Spain Sevilla, Spain

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