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Main city of Brazil and one of the largest in the world, São Paulo (the capital of state of the same name) is a whole universe of discoveries for those who visit it. Museums, parks, restaurants and shops with the latest national and international news are pleasing to everyone.

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The locomotive of Brazil

The largest metropolis in Brazil is the locomotive that pulls the entire economy of the country. To get a sense of greatness, the GDP of the state of São Paulo is more than double Portugal's GDP.

Business Center

In addition to the economy, the city also concentrates the largest financial services in Brazil and the gateway to all regions, especially those located further inland, as in the case of agribusiness in the Midwest and Southeast.

Cultural Capital

With some of the largest museums and cultural centers in Brazil, the city of São Paulo radiates all its cultural power to the whole of Brazil. This is the case of the great and important MASP - the São Paulo Museum of Art.

Science and Technology

The largest scientific and research centers in Brazil are based in the city and state of São Paulo, in addition to having a large technological park and the largest number of companies in the sector of new technologies.

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