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San Francisco is the bustling metropolis of the United States' West Coast. Famous for a number of reasons, including its cool atmosphere, modern lifestyle and university, California's largest city exerts enormous power of attraction that transcends the borders of the United States. On this website and blog Explora Mundi ( Français | Português) you will find the essentials to inspire your trip and to discover San Francisco's must-see attractions.

Every visit to San Francisco must include at least the attractions below. But the largest American city on the East Coast has many discoveries reserved for lovers of architecture, history, society, technologies, arts and gastronomy, among others. In fact, no other American city shines as brightly as this city, the birthplace of various cultural and social movements that, from the United States, have conquered the world (hippies, beatnicks).

Main attractions

In San Francisco, don't miss seeing, visiting or doing:

Arts and culture

For lovers of arts and culture, the Fine Arts Museum is an obligatory visit. An excellent museum, despite being little publicized. There are several other interesting museums in the city, as well as visiting the historic neighborhoods of Mission, Castro and Haight (neighborhood birthplace of the hippie movement in the 1960s).

It will also be worth a walk through Alamêda Jack Kerouac and a visit to the City Lights Bookstore. And have a coffee at the famous Caffee Trieste, the place where Francis Ford Coppola wrote the script for his famous film The Godfather.

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