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Brasil is known for the exuberance and beauty of its nature. They are landscapes ranging from the dense forest of the Amazon (North) to the coniferous landscapes of the South of the country, passing through the cerrado (savanna) of the Central Plateau, of the tropical vegetation of the Southeast and the caatinga of the Northeast.

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The Amazon Forest

Known throughout the world for its magnificence, this huge mass of vegetation cover shelters numerous species in its rich ecosystem. Some tours, from Manaus, for example, allow us to get to know better the life and preservation of the Amazon.

The savannas ( cerrado ) of the Center

The cerrado (savannas) of the Center of Brazil also provides us with a scenario of great beauty. Several tours lead us to discover so much the cerrado as far as the northern part of the region, where the imposing and luxuriant Pantanal is located.

Lush Southeast

In the Southeast, from the coast to the plateau that exists when crossing the natural barrier that rises not far from the coastal strip, there are still important remains of vegetation cover from the early days of colonization. This is the case of the Atlantic Forest in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most rich ecosystems on the planet, with a great concentration of bromeliads and orchids.

Southern Conifers

The landscapes of the South, a little more temperate, also retain great beauty. From coniferous forests (Paraná pine, pine Araucaria) and many other species from the Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul mountains.

Caatinga do Nordeste

In the Northeast, thin vegetation predominates, and not very dense in the caatinga . In the narrow coastal strip, little remains of the old Atlantic Forest that covered the region. The caatinga is the domain of plants with thorns, cacti and mandacarus.

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