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Welcome to this section of our site and blog (Français | Português) dedicated to lovers of travel and discovery. Asia is the largest continent on the planet. It is the most populated and with the most varied. One could imagine it: from the ice of the Arctic to the warm waters of the south, these are superb and grandiose landscapes.


In Asia with many faces, our favorites are Turkey, Lake Baikal, Siberia (in summer, preferably!), Mongolia (the country of the famous Genghis Khan), Thailand, India and its incredible landscapes. Not to mention other places that make you dream, such Tashkent, Bali, Samarkand, Bukhara ...

Dream destinations

The lands of Asia attract many travelers. Distant, bizarre and colorful, our wish list for this corner of the world is never diminishing. Among these: Lake Baikal, Mongolia, the stunning beaches of Thailand and India - alone, a whole world. Enjoy your visit and good discoveries!

Incredible Destinations

These destinations are among the first on any wishlist:

Inde Thaïland Vladivostock, Russie Istamboul, Turquie Mongolia Lac Baïkal, Russie

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