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Sevilla - the craddle of the the flamenco - is the capital of the province of Sevilla and of the region Andaluzia. The fourth city in Spain (after Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia), Sevilla is one of the richest european cities regarding monuments and the most important in Spain. The capital of Andaluzia is Spain third most important tourist destination after Barcelona and Madrid.

Sevilla's University

The University of Sevilla was founded in 1505. Students from all around the world follow its courses as well as Spanish language for foreigners. It is one of the most visited european universities.

Sevilla and the Arts

Sevilla has been since a longtime ago the center of interest for operas, as it is known. Almost two hundreds operas have been inspired by the city, as The Barbier of Sevilla, The Weddings of Figaro, Don Giovanni, Carmen...


Sevilla lies in the region of Andaluzia, in southern Spain (Português | Français), n the left bank of the Guadalquivir River. The Guadalquivir is the most important river of Andaluzia and one of the most important in Spain (the fifth).

The Guadalquivir and the Port

Sevilla's port lies at 90 km from the Ocean, at Cádiz. The Guadalquivir River, despite some limitations, is navigable and relies the city to the world by sea. Sevilla is the only fluvialport in Spain.

During the Muslim invasions Sevilla has been the capital of al-Andalus. In 1248 the region was reconquered by the Christians, under the Crown of Castilla. In 1492, after America's discovery, Sevilla has been the center of the Spanish Empire and the city played a major role during those years.

Main tourist attractions

Sevilla's main tourist attracions are:

Main cities in Spain

The top 10 cities in Spain are:
  1. Madrid, the capital
  2. Barcelona
  3. Valencia
  4. Sevilla
  5. Saragoza
  6. Málaga
  7. Múrcia
  8. Palma de Maiorca
  9. Las Palmas
  10. Bilbao

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