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This Website and Blog (Français | Português) are dedicated to lovers of travel and discovery. We know many countries and like every passionate traveler, our wish list does not go down. Many beautiful places on our planet still reserve their charms. The Old Continent tops this long list of places whose visit appeals to visitors from all over the world.

Dream destinations

Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, Prague ... All the capitals of Europe each have their own charms and secrets that enchant us. So many countries, so many dream destinations. It will take multiple trips and a lot of time to discover them all. And, it's not just the capitals!

Venice, Milan, Porto, Salzburg, Cologne, Dijon, so many cities steeped in history, art, architecture and many attractions. Only the big ones travelers will have visited them all, throughout their lives.

History and Arts

European history and arts, to begin with, are attracting more and more audiences year after year. Museums the Louvre and the British Museum, to name just two, are must-sees. The countless castles and palaces they are also one of the most visited attractions. To name just one, the Palace of Versailles radiates its prestige several centuries ago.

Incredible Destinations

These destinations are among the first on any wishlist:

Paris, France Rome, Italie Londres (Photo Maurice NL/CC e Reino Unido Lisbonne Santorini, Grécia Barcelona, Espanha Praga, República Checa Istambul e Turquia Moscou e Rússia

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