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This Website and Blog (Français | Português) are dedicated to lovers of travel and discovery. We know many countries and like every passionate traveler, our wish list does not go down. Many beautiful places on our planet still reserve their charms.

History and Guides

Long before us, others felt this need to travel. Homer and his Odyssey, Voltaire and his Candid, Marco's incredible journeys Polo, to name but a few, left us epic tales and stories full of philosophy about the art of discovery of new worlds. Imbued with these readings, with the help of a good guide, our travels - even at the end of the world - take us to moments unexpected and make us discover real life outside our beaten track of everyday life.

Dream destinations

There is a lot of talk about the need to travel (“Traveling forms young people”, they say). And it has been that way for a long time. From Marco Polo - in fact before! - the movements of the Conquerors of all times who left the East to conquer the West and vice versa.

There are studies that show that traveling is one of the things that make us the happiest! Dreams of new lands - like Candide's Eldorado - and adventures. It is the fascination with tales of paradisiacal or mythical lands. Like our little Odyssey, it’s true that in the end, after all, we’re happy to come home and "cultivate our garden".

Incredible Destinations

These destinations are among the first on any wishlist of places to visit in different corners of the world. It is the list will be updated gradually. So, don't forget to come back to it from time to time!

Rio de Janeiro New York & USA Paris and Europe Rome, Italy Istambul, Turkey Santorini, Greece Moscow Russia Saint Petersburg Russia Kiev Ukraine

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