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The New World has exceptional discoveries in store for its many visitors. From north to south, from the American dream to Tierra del Fuego, these vast territories are covered from tropical jungle to desert regions and are of great natural beauty, from civilizations lost in the Andes and in forests, extending as far as 'to the glaciers of Antarctica. A vast territory full of beauty and charm and where in each region a discovery awaits us. To browse in this site and blog (Français | Português).

Pre-Columbian Civilizations

South of the Rio Grande (which serves as the border between the United States and Mexico), from Mexico to Argentina, this territory was inhabited by various pre-Columbian civilizations including the Aztecs (Mexico), the Mayas (Mexico and Guatemala, in particular) and the Incas (Peru), for just name the three main ones.

The Eldorado

It is in Colombia that is located - it is believed - the legendary country of Eldorado. Among other famous stories on this subject, we cite that of French philosopher Voltaire who takes part of the travels of the character of his book Candide ou l'Optimisme.

The Andes, Lakes and Volcanoes

Volcanoes are found mostly in the central part of the Americas and the great lakes are found from north to south of the continent, including the famous Lake Titicaca, located on the Andes Cordillera, between Peru and Bolivia. Dreamy landscapes await brave travelers.

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