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Best Tours in the US

Discover the best tours in United States and its fascinating attractions with the travel blog Explora Mundi ( Português | Français). Here you will find the essentials to inspire your trip and to discover the must-see attractions of this great country.

Starting with New York, the largest American city on the East Coast, which is also one of the main cities in the world. In fact, no other American city shines as brightly as this city founded by the Dutch in the 17th century (1614). The first village was built on the island of Manhattan, in the Hudson River Bay.

From Coast to Coast

On the West Coast, San Francisco radiates its influence to the whole world, on the side of the Pacific Ocean. San Francisco, California and the famous Silicon Valley, innovate and show the technological innovations to the whole world.

The Best of the United States

It is not easy to choose the best of this great country, from the east coast to the west coast, from north to south. They are incredible landscapes and places to discover and they are the dream - and the wish list - of the whole world. Certainly, the best tours in the United States must include some (or all) attractions listed below.

Main attractions

However, the simple observation of the preferences of destinations in the USA indicates what pleases the millions of visitors the most. Among dozens of other attractions, we highlight:

Other Destinations

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