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You have a cool new website up and running. Congratulations!
However, this is not enough for your return on investment. To be really productive, your website must perform well on search engines (SE). And to do so, your website must be search engines compliant and friendly build in order to get better ranking among thousands or millions of related websites.

Optimized websites

To stay ahead of your competitors your website should fit to some basics. Speed is one of them. Presentation, design and content also are crucial items to be taken into consideration. Other apparently simple details such as description and keywords, meanwhile, are not often observed and these can impact severely performance.

It's the SEO's task to check out all these items and take the necessary actions to make your website ready to be compliant to search engines. This can take some time but, if optimized, your website will certainly perform well or much better. Contact us and check out our solutions!

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Interesting Links

Some cool links to test your website and to inspire you from the scratch when starting your site development:

Use Google's PageSpeed Insights to check out how your existing website performs for both mobile and desktop.


Documents and how to develop your website according to the AMP structured model.

AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP - Development

Google Marketing


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