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Fashion Everywhere

Urban fashion, Beachwear or Country style fashion.
Everywhere, we need to be in tune with fashion trends and
to be in the spirit of fashion.

Seashore Escapes

Always a pleasure to enjoy
these unique moments. And so we carry with us our casual or most
usual styles. That's is the rule to follow wherever we are.

Country Roads

Fancy of the countryside?

The World is Fashion

Of course, New York, Paris and London still dictate the fashion rules. Meanwhile, other fashion designers and new trends also emerge from other urban centers of the world.


Summer Dreams

Summer, most important holiday season, is also the great time for open air activities.

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Top Story

Today's Top Story is about makeup. Needless to say that every woman needs a great makeup.

Throughout history, makeup has been used for everything from ceremonial rituals to beauty adornment [1]. Learn more...

Bianca Morais

  1. A Quick History of Makeup, Kevin James Bennett

• A History of Makeup

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