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Expression of a Society

Expression of society at a certain era, fashion identifies, shows the belonging
to a certain group or class, promote changes or rupture.

And, for this reason, Beauty (that is, "everything that gives the sublime pleasure of harmony
and perfection of form" [1]) should not be overlooked.

Beauty & Style

Quality (property, character or virtue) of the beautiful, beauty creates in us a feeling of emotion,
ecstasy, admiration, charm or pleasure. For centuries Beauty has charmed men and women, even going so far as
to create a true cult of beauty. Being beautiful was a requirement for women. It was said, "Be beautiful and shut up."
As it was also said "Beauty does not set table".

Beauty's Industry

Beauty nowadays is a very important sector of economy. And, around the beauty
revolve other sectors no less important: creation, design, cosmetics, health, travel, sports,
models and many others.


Summer Dreams

Summer, most important holiday season, is also the great time for open air activities.

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Top Story

Today's Top Story is about makeup. Needless to say that every woman needs a great makeup.

Throughout history, makeup has been used for everything from ceremonial rituals to beauty adornment [1]. Learn more...

Bianca Morais

  1. A Quick History of Makeup, Kevin James Bennett

• A History of Makeup

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